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Online Therapy

Therapeutic processes: online individual and couples sessions. In English and Spanish. I accompany you with integrative resources to build your own toolbox for life. An inner work process in which you can transform the way you relate to yourself and to the circumstances you live in. Because when we change inside, the outside changes too. It’s a safe space where you can explore yourself through words, drawing, painting, writing and through the body, discovering new ways of looking and understanding yourself. New ways to face your projects. A process of encounter with yourself and your wisdom. With the possibility of naming the unsaid, to make visible what is not seen: those mechanisms, patterns and judgments that act silently and strongly in different dimensions of your life.


Online individual and couples sessions.

In English and Spanish.


No prior artistic knowledge is required.

It's not about doing it well or pretty, here we create to

learn with our creations.

Nuestras metodologías se nutren del

I offer this space from an integrative approach, relying on diverse theories and practices that feed my doing, feeling and thinking.


In the sessions I interweave Art Therapy resources with a Systemic View of Life that finds in nature a great teacher, as well as resources from Gestalt, Non Violent Communication and Family Constellations.



I first came to therapy for help almost 20 years ago. I was born in Buenos Aires and I grew up and got to know myself a lot thanks to psychoanalysis. Looking for new expressive pathways in my life I experienced with writing, theater and movement and years later I came across the revealing force of Art Therapy. The territory where many of my pursuits of those days converged. I studied Art Therapy in Buenos Aires and in 2014 I graduated as an Art Therapist. In 2015 I started a journey that changed my life forever and for 6 years I was a nomad in Latin America and Europe. Since then I facilitate group processes with artistic methodologies of action and reflection in educational, cultural and community projects. Traveling has unveiled a stage in my life of opening myself to other ways of being, meeting cultures and different ways of living, discovering that what we have in common brings us together and also brings us together what is different, what hurts, our dreams. A need to keep training myself as a therapist brought me closer to the study of the Systemic View of Life. This coincides with a strong immersion in environmental education and eco-literacy, two sources of deep learning about human relationships through observing how nature works. These experiences marked a before and after in my life and now, from the place where I live in the rainforest in Argentina, I keep on accompanying people from different countries in their own journeys. I feel and I know (we usually discover it in the sessions) that the resources I've been collecting along the way are also useful and helpful to other people. I choose to work as a therapist and offer this space because I think that it's in the encounter with others, in the crossroads of our paths, that we learn to change.

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