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Therapy with Matias


Sometimes finding solutions alone is not possible, and we may want or need some help. I can help you develop new ways of facing what you're going through. I offer empathetic and sensitive listening to support you on your personal growth journey. You can count on me. I have experience with: -insecurities, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence -communication difficulties: family bonds, at work, at home -couples relationships -boundaries, self-care -discovering your own needs, emotional empowerment -personal and professional changes: limiting beliefs, behavior patterns -feelings of loneliness and need of emotional support -facing life projects -creativity development to enhance life projects -stress and burnout: feelings of not being enough, too much pressure, work-related problems -decision-making, life changing moments, transitions -living abroad -reconciling with your own roots and origins -lack of motivation, purpose, productivity -vital and spiritual crises Don't see your specific challenge listed? Get in touch and we'll evaluate together if I can help you. I offer online individual and couples sessions in both English and Spanish. Count on me to accompany you on your journey towards personal and professional growth.

Online Therapy

I offer inspiring perspectives and resources that can help you deal in new ways with issues and challenges in your life. Sessions are a safe space for self care that encourages you to change the way you relate to yourself, others and the circumstances you’re facing. Because this internal change leads to external changes. My invitation is to find solutions within yourself, and each session is a journey of self discovery and personal growth, helping you develop the skills and tools you need to navigate life’s difficulties and achieve your goals. I use a variety of approaches tailored to your needs, including Non-Violent Communication, Systemic View of Life, Art Therapy, Gestalt, and Family Constellations. Online individual and couples sessions. Both in English and Spanish.

When we change inside, the outside changes too.
A journey of self-discovery to find solutions and build your own toolkit for life.

Online individual and couples sessions. English and Spanish.

"I don't struggle with what's going on anymore. I embrace it"
Consultant from Perú, 50 years.

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