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We design workshops to facilitate processes of social change and healing through art, promoting new forms of encounter between the members of the community. Sharing life experiences in spaces of play, creation and reflection strengthens bonds and promotes participation. We use the power of the arts to facilitate the construction of identity and belonging in creative processes that strengthen the community.



We propose the collective construction of new ways of inhabiting the teaching-learning relations from the cosmovision of living education and respectful nurturing, both in schools and universities and in alternative projects of non-formal education. We focus on working with adults to help children and adolescents grow up in environments of respect and listening to their authentic needs and have the possibility to develop their potential with freedom.



-Prepared spaces for play and creativity

-Loving listening and pair

-Emotional accompaniment

-Stigma deconstruction

-Confidence, respect, self-esteem

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-The role of the educator

-The vocation

-Teachers of life

-Creative knowledge building

-Transmission and learning

-Horizontality, respect, inclusion

-Self-care spaces



-Me as daughter/son - Me as mother/father

-My childhood

-Transmission and learning

-Authentic needs of the adult person and of the children

-Love, respect, freedom, limits

-Self-care spaces



Group and individual spaces for creative experimentation and artistic research for self-knowledge. Plastic arts, theatre, music, movement and creative writing as tools for learning while creating. An exploration free of judgments with focus on what was experienced during the process.

Our proposal is based on the conviction that expression is a necessary path for emotional and physical healing. "Expression" means a force that originates within and is directed outward (inner listening processes), as opposed to "oppression" or "repression" which is an external force that is directed inward.

Talleres de Anna Halprin en Buenos Aires - Exploración Creativa: Movimiento, Plástica y Palabra.
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For therapists, educators, artists, psychologists, pedagogues, group coordinators and anyone interested in learning art therapy and action methodologies from their own workshop experience. Theoretical and practical tools to facilitate processes of personal growth and collective healing.

It is NOT necessary to have previous knowledge of any kind.


It is a theoretical-practical course of introduction to art therapy in which the participants have the possibility of acquiring tools and basic fundamentals of the discipline through a creative work with their own experience and the body.

Contents: Fundamentals and setting in art therapy + Workshop + Documentaries + Case studie.

Duration: 7hs.


It's a course that allows to deepen in the construction of the toolbox of the facilitator of groups: group methodologies of action and literature of diverse disciplines are approached.

Contents: Reading and discussion of texts + Methodological Guide + Workshop + Case studie.

Duration: 7hs.


The Laboratory is a space for practices in the design and sensitive facilitation of workshops in which participants try out ways to inhabit the role of group facilitator.

Contents: Workshop design + Facilitation of designed workshops + Group analysis and co-vision + Participatory evaluation.


Duration: 7hs