Therapy as a journey

Because movement creates life.
Because life is moving.

The invitation is to move.
To transform what seeks a shift in your life.

A proposal of creative self-knowledge.
A space for personal growth to create new ways of relating to yourself and your environment.


This is what travelling is all about.

How does it work?


Art Therapy uses art as an expressive tool for emotional work: it opens the game to a personal investigation through arts.
It facilitates a creative process where you explore and understand what you need to move forward.

An opportunity to experience yourself as a creator and creative person, as the protagonist of your own healing process.
In addition to the spoken word we have drawing, painting, music, movement, theatre and writing to create symbols and metaphors that express the present, the past, that which seeks change.

Artistic languages function as bridges that help to say, uniting the shore of the inner world with that of the outer world and escaping the censorship of the mind.

The proposal is to create together this space of freedom tailor-made for you. My goal is to facilitate paths with the help of art: to listen to what you bring and imagine possibilities of exploration that will help you open up the world and to transform your moment to live as you want to live.



+ A space to think about yourself, listen to you and grow

+ An emotional support

+ Learn more about you

+ A therapist with whom you feel confident

+ New languages that allow you to express what words can't say

+ Expand your creativity

+ Feel better.



How: We meet on a video call through a link I'm going to send you. You don't need to download any app and you can do it from any of your devices.
Where: from an intimate and private space of your choice.
Duration: 90 minutes each session.
Frequency: we define it according to your desire and possibility.
Materials: I will propose that you have some artistic materials at hand.

They vary depending on your country.
The payment method is by bank transfer or Paypal.

Given the particular situation in which we all are now, it is vital to welcome and give space to every needs.

I also offer this space according to your possibilities.

Contact me via Whatsapp to 

+54 911 3349 7327
and to


I want to start!

Would you like to try? Have any questions?
Contact me by whatsapp or email to

Matias Garber

Expressive Arts Therapist, facilitator of group processes at PIA, traveler, yoga instructor and former basketball player. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1983. Since April 2015 I travel through Latin America and Europe facilitating spaces of experimentation through art and play with PIA - Nomadic Art Therapy Project.
This nomadism helps me to listen to myself, to connect with my desire, to encourage me to be different myself and to invent new ways of navigating uncertainty.
Travelling is for me a springboard that allows me to create the life I want to live.
Throughout these years I found myself in unexpected situations that made me know myself better and learn a lot about myself. Encounters with people from different corners of the world with whom I learned to give myself and live with passion, teachers who taught me really powerful work tools, generous neighbors who shared with me their love full of hospitality and desire to share. Experiences that make me the one of today and from which I facilitate this space of therapeutic accompaniment.
The truth is that in this nomadic adventure new doors are opening all the time. Doors that at other times were unthinkable: online therapy is an example of this. I had mistrust of online therapy to address a therapeutic process, I thought it was inadequate and inefficient. As always, prejudices are experts in closing doors. And it turns out that the road opened up the possibility for me to offer this space of remote accompaniment that has greatly exceeded my expectations.