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We facilitate creative processes to transform realities

We are a project that travels around Latin America and Europe. We accompany human groups in the construction of their own toolboxes. We train facilitators. Art for social change.

We design tailor-made workshops.


"I was nervous of how it would be but I felt the whole workshop like a carpet unrolling"


PIA was born from our encounters with people, from traveling with all the time in the world and until our own creativity exploded. It was born from a dream, and is a project that guides us to the places that call us to share our learning so far, and to continue learning with other people.

We facilitate group processes in communities, towns and cities of Latin America and Europe as a way to be part of the transformation of our societies.

We ignite creativity through art and play, two powerful tools that connect us with our ability to create and transform.

We work as a pair, strengthening our sensibilities, complementing each step and growing in each encounter with other people.


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